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The collection system awesome printing and dyeing enterprise management optimization

the collection system customized by Hangzhou Kaiyuan Computer Technology Co., Ltd. for domestic printing and dyeing enterprises has been applied by a large number of customers, such as Zhejiang Xinjian Textile Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Huili printing and dyeing Co., Ltd., Jiangsu Xinmin textile science and Technology Co., Ltd., and Changzhou Dongxia textile printing and dyeing Co., Ltd., since its listing, It provides scientific and effective help for textile printing and dyeing enterprises to fully integrate internal resources, scientifically manage internal production, clarify workshop on-site logistics, improve product quality, reduce abnormal production costs, and save energy and reduce emissions. According to statistics, after using the open source collection system, the printing and dyeing plant of Xinmin company can reduce the rework rate by more than 20% and increase the first-class product rate by more than 5%. It can reduce the water consumption of enterprises by more than 240000 tons, reduce the power consumption by more than 480000 kWh and reduce the wastewater discharge by more than 160000 tons every year

recently, I interviewed Xu Guangming, chairman of Hangzhou Kaiyuan Computer Technology Co., Ltd., and asked him to introduce the open source acquisition system in detail

: what are the benefits of adopting a collection system in printing and dyeing enterprises

Xu guangming: informatization is considered to be the only way for the internationalization strategy of modern printing and dyeing enterprises. At present, many enterprises have chosen ERP to help enterprises realize the informatization management of logistics, capital flow and information flow. However, after enterprises realize the automation of control and choose ERP as the means of enterprise management, they are still helpless in the face of the non real-time and opaque conditions in the dyeing and finishing process

how to associate the real-time production data with the upper management information system to realize the complete smoothness of the information chain is an important topic and a difficult problem for the informatization of printing and dyeing enterprises at present. Based on this, the printing and dyeing collection system came into being. The acquisition system integrates the production operation of the printing and dyeing workshop, the monitoring of production data and the resource management (ERP) of the factory, fully integrates the real-time production data of the enterprise with other decision-making related data, provides a way to obtain production data, realizes the operation of production equipment and the real-time detection and monitoring of water, electricity, gas, moisture content, tension, pressure, temperature, alkali concentration and other parameters, and carries out machine output, production cost, order abnormality Effective analysis of production capacity, establish a smooth production, planning, implementation, feedback and optimization decision-making system, and finally achieve the optimal management of the enterprise

: please introduce the open source acquisition system in detail

Xu guangming: the open source acquisition system consists of three parts: data acquisition equipment, on-site monitoring terminal and management decision-making terminal. The data acquisition equipment collects data from the parameter sensors connected to the workshop equipment to provide data sources for the on-site monitoring terminal. The acquisition equipment mainly includes: vehicle speed code acquisition module, temperature acquisition module, seam acquisition module, door width acquisition module, moisture content acquisition module and energy (water, electricity, steam) digital instruments. The on-site monitoring terminal communicates with the data acquisition equipment in real time, and displays the collected data in multiple views; Transmit the collected data to the database server through the network for storage, judge the real-time data, and give an audible and visual alarm when it exceeds the normal range. The core management software deployed in the system server at the management decision-making end is provided to enterprise managers. Provide corresponding management functions for different users. For example, the production department enters the production order and car card information, and formulates the machine production plan; The process department prepares the product standard production process library; The director of the production plant shall dynamically monitor the on-site machines in the workshop; The general manager analyzes the collected data and provides a variety of decision-making charts

the open source printing and dyeing collection system combines the latest automation technology achievements with computer microcomputer processing system, communication (Fieldbus System), intelligent control and other technologies, adopts a hierarchical and distributed structure, realizes the integration of order, process formula, production plan, production work, production control, materials, water, electricity and steam consumption and other information on the system platform, and formulates a scientific and reasonable production process formula, Ensure that production is carried out according to the set process conditions, ensure product quality, reduce production costs and reduce water, electricity and steam consumption

: what are the specific application benefits of the open source acquisition system

Xu guangming: the acquisition system fundamentally solves the problem of real-time information lag in the production process, and its specific application benefits are reflected in the following aspects:

rapid response to information, real-time tracking and querying the production progress of orders. Before the application of the system, parameters such as output rely on manual input. The collected data is inaccurate and inefficient. It is difficult to check the progress of production orders and cards. Even the personnel who make production plans cannot understand the real-time status of orders in time. After the application of the system, all key machines are automatically set in the building data by using the full electro-hydraulic servo universal experimental machine. Through the system operation end and management end, managers, employees and customers can know the production status of orders at any time according to their needs. At the same time, due to the automatic setting, a lot of statistical manpower and material resources are reduced, and the production efficiency is improved

strengthen internal management and effectively reduce cloth loss and tearing in the workshop. Before the application of the system, cloth loss and tearing occurred frequently in the printing and dyeing factory, which could not be cured. After the application of the system, the yard number detection provided by the application system ensures that the workshop layout account is clear, the expansion rate is transparent, and the cloth loss caused by abnormal reasons such as cloth tearing is effectively controlled

data query and tracking, and whole process record and tracking of process and production data. To check the operation of the machine before applying the system, you can only visit the site in person, and you can't know the historical (such as night) production status, which leads to poor control and implementation, and the production saturation of each workshop can't be obtained, resulting in difficulties in arranging production plans and affecting the startup rate. After the application of the system, through the functions of monitoring, managing and tracking the production process of the acquisition system, the dynamic grasp and real-time control of the key process control point indicators on the production site can be realized

improve product quality and ensure the operation according to standard process indicators. Before the application of the system, the parameters of each key machine cannot be viewed at the same time, especially the parameters of the same kind cannot be compared, and the operation of each parameter in the production process cannot be understood intuitively. Afterwards, it is impossible to know whether the work is carried out according to the production process requirements, resulting in an increase in the probability of quality problems. After the application of the system, through the monitoring, statistics and display of product quality indicators, managers can view the production status of workshop equipment in real time and take production intervention measures in time to ensure the stability of production quality. After use, the first-class product rate can be increased by more than 5%

reduce production costs and eliminate abnormal defective products and repair. Before the application of the system, the production process cannot be accurately controlled, resulting in a high incidence of non-conforming products and repair. After the application of the system, through the complete product database function of the acquisition system, the best production process is automatically selected according to the historical production database, and the optimal operation parameters are formulated according to the machine to guide the workshop to arrange the production plan; The real-time detection and early warning of process parameters are realized, and the rework rate is reduced by more than 20%; The detection of process parameters ensures that the production operates under the optimal parameters, ensures the stability of quality, and checks whether the joint of the oil circuit system is tightened consistently, which effectively prevents the production of defective products and saves production costs

control the energy cost and accurately calculate the energy consumption of water, electricity and steam of the machine. Before the application of the system, it is impossible to accurately control the energy consumption of each order and each product. After the application of the system, through the energy measurement and control function of the acquisition system, the consumption of water, electricity and steam can be effectively controlled, and the consumption ratio of production water, electricity and steam can be scientifically calculated, so that the links of energy waste are completely exposed and effectively optimized, so as to reduce energy waste and water resource waste

: the open source collection system has been applied in many printing and dyeing enterprises. What is the actual effect

Xu guangming: the open source acquisition system has been well applied in both product-oriented and order oriented enterprises. In 2008, the printing and dyeing plant of Xinmin Textile Technology Co., Ltd. cooperated with our company to import the collection system, which specifically includes product database, production process tracking, machine alarm, dynamic energy consumption monitoring, workshop site monitoring, multi-dimensional production report presentation and other functions. In 2009, Xinmin printing and dyeing began to apply the collection system, which solved the problems of high production costs caused by the original traditional manual management, including the problems of high raw materials and energy consumption, unstable product quality and so on, such as academicians of the Chinese Academy of engineering, professors of Tsinghua University and other top experts in the industry, and greatly improved the ability of enterprises to analyze and process various data in the production process in time, optimize the production process Improve the informatization application level in fine production management capacity and other aspects. According to statistics, after the printing and dyeing plant of Xinmin company uses the open source collection system, the rework rate is reduced by more than 20%, and the first-class product rate is increased by more than 5%, which can reduce the water consumption of enterprises by more than 240000 tons, reduce the power consumption by more than 480000 kwh, and reduce the waste. This experimental machine has multiple safety protection functions such as limit protection, overload protection, emergency stop protection, etc; The water discharge is more than 160000 tons

: the acquisition system has not been popularized in China's printing and dyeing enterprises. What problems do you think exist in the application and how to improve it

Xu guangming: the open source acquisition system has been actually applied in a large number of customers and has played an obvious role. However, the current application is still limited to the collection of key process parameters in some workshops and key machines, and there is no complete application of data collection in the overall printing and dyeing enterprises, which is also an aspect that needs in-depth research in the next stage

on the other hand, because the main production equipment is very different, its data interfaces are also diverse, and many main equipment manufacturers use closed interface mode, which makes it very difficult to read the existing data, and the secondary data acquisition increases the additional cost. At present, our company has carried out strategic cooperation with many domestic main production equipment manufacturers to formulate open interface standards. It is estimated that in the near future, more than 90% of the main production equipment can be connected with the acquisition system under the open interface standard, further expanding the application scope of the acquisition system and reducing the input cost

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