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it has to be said that paper is the accumulation of long-term experience and the crystallization of wisdom of our working people. It is of great significance for people's data recording and knowledge dissemination, and provides a material and technological foundation for the prosperity and inheritance of Chinese civilization. With the birth of printing, the particularity of papermaking technology makes paper structure and performance have many particularity, and also gives art paper more unique charm. While enjoying the infinite beauty brought by art paper, we have to marvel at these porters who bring "beauty" to life

Yuesheng group, founded in Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, China in 2000, has always focused on the development of art paper and special paper. As an enterprise pursuing the ultimate, it is committed to providing high-quality art paper and professional services for brands and institutions pursuing high-grade, and serves our customers with three business characteristics of "one-stop purchase of art paper, high-end brand paper solutions, and accurate personalized paper customization". We will continue to upgrade the original development and detailed design of products, improve the user experience, and continue to output better products, becoming the flagship brand in the field of Chinese art paper

over the years of development, Yuesheng group has been adhering to the enterprise philosophy of "endless innovation and true knowledge through practice", taking "quality is fundamental" as the development core, constantly learning and innovating technology to meet more and higher market demands. In line with the purpose of professionally creating the beauty of paper and providing high-quality services, the company is ingenious, and carefully endows each kind of paper with its own unique color, luster, texture and surface texture and lines, so that each page of paper passing through Yuesheng's hand has its own personality in terms of wall energy conservation. The existence of Yuesheng group art paper is more like a work of art. Its color differences and different gloss bring people different emotions

Yuesheng group has business divisions such as art pattern paper, stationery and educational supplies, Lide high-end packaging materials, pure daily necessities, and feiniaoji, which can provide customers with more than 3000 kinds of spot art paper and special paper varieties. So far, Yuesheng's creative design and technology R & D team has been very mature, and has won continuous praise from many group customers and even multinational customers. In order to provide customers with better and more comprehensive services in accordance with the standards and specifications, and quickly meet the large-scale order needs of domestic and foreign brands in major countries, Yuesheng group has built a large art research and development production base in East China, which can also test the length of art paper through strength, It has also focused on developing the distribution network of Yuesheng partners in provincial-level cities across the country, set up an American company and an export business department, and laid out a number of warehousing and logistics centers focusing on South China, East China, North China, Southwest China

in recent years, with the rapid development of the economy, the market is full of opportunities, and there are severe postgraduate entrance exams everywhere. Yuesheng group can track the relatively new development trends of the industry and society in real time in the fierce competition, find the correct positioning, make continuous progress in growth, and continue to be stable in development. The world's top luxury brands: Louis Vuitton, Dior, Chanel, Burberry, Prada, Tiffany Co., etc., as well as high-end electronic brands such as Samsung, Tissot, Seiko, etc., as well as Yashang group, mayinson group, Artus, Stora Enso, and Chinalco. They must be cautious about wing service when using it. The endless praise and recognition they give is the more powerful driving force of Yuesheng group

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