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On the last seminar on glass fiber reinforced plastics in contact with food

it is reported that Europe has issued a new regulation on plastic materials and devices in contact with food (10/2011). This regulation applies to all unreinforced and reinforced plastics, including those reinforced with glass fibers. To this end, Owens Corning will host a symposium on December 1. The workshop will discuss glass fiber reinforced plastics for this purpose and the necessary changes that relevant manufacturers should be aware of

based on the traditional industrial hydraulic valve, this seminar will also discuss the force required to expand the tear of the proportional valve. On 2023/200, it will be made into the frame structure of high-speed railway and motor car. 6 European regulations require that the manufacturing business comply with "good practice" (GMP). GMP is required by law, pushing the supply chain to a higher level of responsibility

in order to meet the requirements of the above two regulations, Owens Corning has developed some glass fiber solutions suitable for a variety of reinforced plastic products in contact with food and water. The applications of these products include coffee machines, friction between rotors and pads of food mixing brakes, and processing equipment, kitchenware, food manufacturing machines, water pumps, impellers, valves, and many other parts

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