The hottest online fashion retailers use intelecom

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Fashion retailers use intelecom's cloud based call center

Intel has become a major concern of manufacturers. ECom, a cloud computing contact center solution provider, announced that the final destination of Figleaves' underwear, casual clothes and swimsuits is using the company's cloud contact management portal. Figleaves central call center is established in the organization's main warehouse and distribution center in Haverhill, Suffolk, supporting 1.2 million customers in 100 countries

figleaves replaces its original system with a hosted intelecom solution, providing automatic call paths and accurate reports. After completing a thorough market review, the enterprise chose intelecom as one of the first providers of cloud computing contact centers to produce products more in line with market needs. Intelecom has powerful technology and convenient flexibility

is the final destination of underwear, casual wear, underwear, clothing, swimwear, pajamas and body shaping underwear. The company launches thousands of new projects and ideas every quarter. More than 1.2 million customers visit figleaves C "OM is sold in stores in more than 100 countries

intelecom is a leading customer contact service provider based on independent networks. With more than 30 years of experience, intelecom is one of the first contact center developers based on cloud computing. Using intelecom technology, a store can be seamlessly provided to thousands of agents, or any call start-up, feeding, packer, anywhere and multiple application integration. China Textile

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