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The online consumption boom of domestic goods continues to heat up, and it needs hard power to become a "hot money". Release date: Source: People's overseas edition

Chinese fashion brands, cultural and creative hot money, domestic cosmetics, antique clothing... In recent years, the online consumption boom of domestic goods continues to heat up, attracting more and more young consumers. Many enterprises actively embrace the Internet, layout online channels, and make use of e-commerce, social networking, live broadcasting, short video and other platforms to revitalize their brands

many "post-90s" like to buy domestic products

Xiao Zhao, who is studying in the Chinese Department of a university in Zhejiang Province, is a member of the school's Hanfu society. Recently, he bought a bending pre crack stress corrosion testing machine on Hanfu and huaxizi's makeup products, and is ready to participate in the Chinese traditional culture activities organized by Hanfu society. "It's good to make a real Chinese makeup with domestic makeup products." Xiao Zhao said

"the Li Ning running shoes I wear are bought on. They are very comfortable and look very fashionable. The sportswear of this brand is also more and more designed." Li Jie, who works in an Internet company in Beijing, said

in recent years, many young people of domestic brands "circle pink" have become a vivid footnote to the popularity of "national fashion". "Many post-90s and post-95s are proud to buy domestic products." Red anchor lijiaqi said

Wang Shuguang, a professor at the school of economics of Peking University, said in an interview with this newspaper that behind the "national tide" is the substantial improvement in the quality of Chinese products and the rising confidence of Chinese culture. "Young people have high confidence in the country and like to use domestic products, which is a manifestation of cultural confidence and a new trend worthy of attention. In the context of economic globalization, young consumers see the advantages of our own brands. This change in consumer psychology is an important reason why domestic products are becoming more and more popular today."

Wang Shuguang believes that the image of old domestic brands has been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, and generally has a good popularity and reputation in the minds of consumers. However, the biggest challenge faced by old brands is the innovation of marketing model. The brand connotation should be constantly updated and keep pace with the times, and old brands should be closer to the younger generation

many time-honored brands are moving towards a new road, making breakthroughs in brand image and product creativity. For example, wufangzhai, which makes zongzi, has opened an unmanned restaurant, Luzhou Laojiao has launched perfume across the border, white rabbit milk candy and MAXAM have launched milk candy flavor lipstick, etc. With the help of Internet, time-honored brands reinterpret their historical and cultural accumulation in an interesting and trendy way, winning the attention of young consumers

it is reported that in order to support and encourage domestic product innovation, the Ministry of Commerce, together with relevant departments, will hold a national consumption promotion month from May 1 to 31, launch a batch of domestic products, and hold a "time-honored brand Carnival" activity. Both online and offline work together to promote the innovation and development of Chinese time-honored brands before they are used

only by adapting to the new demand of consumption will it be "popular"

the rise of domestic goods boom requires not only well-known old brands, but also the emergence of cutting-edge brands. Pan Helin, executive dean of the Digital Economy Research Institute of Zhongnan University of economics and law, believes that the challenge of cutting-edge brands lies in how to accurately capture the needs of target users, develop effective marketing strategies, create their own brand personality, create differentiated competitive advantages, and quickly establish brand awareness

according to the 2020 domestic consumption trend report released by Suning Tesco big data platform, domestic consumption has ushered in a new scene, and live room purchase and community recommended purchase have become two new growth points of domestic consumption. Experts believe that the "post-90s" and "post-00s" are more viscous to the Internet, and traffic and channels are the "growth passwords" that promote the birth of domestic products

through the innovation of marketing mode, many cutting-edge brands have been "born in the sky" in recent years. It is understood that after investigating the consumption habits of young people, the perfect diary of domestic beauty brands found beauty talents on platforms such as xiaohongshu, B station, Tiktok, Weibo, etc., so that they could "persuade" users with their actual use feelings, and win the resonance of young users through situational and personalized content co creation. Industry insiders pointed out that the social marketing play of perfect diary also taught more domestic brands to learn to use the social relationship chain to continuously expand users and revitalize traffic

"hard power is needed to become a popular model." An e-commerce practitioner said, "in the past, brands were seen and passively recognized by consumers by throwing money and overwhelming advertising. Now they are products. If your products are good enough, countless fans will recognize you, and they will spontaneously recommend these products on social platforms."

according to Jiang Qingyun, a professor at the school of management of Fudan University, the current domestic new consumer brands have shown the characteristics of "metropolitan agglomeration" and "platform agglomeration", forming a brand cluster phenomenon. The survey results of "2020 city of new domestic goods" launched by tmall and the first financial business data center show that Beijing leads the city of new cultural and creative industries with its cultural heritage and cultural and creative industry advantages; The turnover of new cutting-edge brands in Shanghai accounts for 1/6 of the country, and it is truly a "city of new domestic consumption"; Guangzhou's "beauty economy" is developed, and 75% of China's domestic beauty brands were born here; The new domestic brands from Chengdu are outstanding in the food industry and can be called the city of new domestic food. Its political achievements are also the combination of high activity and high melting wiring strength to ensure that it meets the high requirements of interface pull-out strength (the force required to pull the metal contact out of the shell), which makes its popularity soar

Chinese goods are popular overseas

"where can I place an order to buy this China?" "Want to buy Chinese cheongsam", "Chinese makeup products are really beautiful"... Overseas friends have expressed their curiosity and love for Chinese products on social media

the e-commerce platform helps domestic products quickly open overseas markets, helps domestic brands upgrade, and enables Chinese goods to be exported to the world. In the fields of travel tools, electronic products, food, cosmetics, clothing and home textiles, some Chinese brands closely follow the needs of foreign markets, seize opportunities, go abroad, enhance the international popularity of brands, and some have become emerging forces leading fashion trends. For example, Bosideng, a down jacket brand, broke the seasonal restrictions on the production and sales of down jackets and sold them all over the world. The Oriental beauty design of huaxizi brand has set off an upsurge of "Chinese makeup" overseas, and many beauty bloggers have specially launched Chinese makeup tutorials

"Chinese goods have high cost performance, high quality, good price and a variety of categories, providing overseas users with rich choices." Industry insiders said that with the development of China's e-commerce, overseas consumers have a stronger demand for Chinese goods. The support of e-commerce platforms is an important force to promote the development of domestic products. It is reported that in order to increase the support for domestic products, pinduoduo launched the "new brand plan", which plans to support 100 industrial belts from 2021 to 2025, order 100000 new brand products, and propose the modes of independent brand cultivation of OEM enterprises, brand building of well-known brands, support for new and cutting-edge brands, and reconstruction of old domestic brands. Tmall uses tools and models such as new product innovation center and consumer evaluation system to promote new domestic products to quickly capture popular trends and user needs. At the same time, relying on global logistics, mobile payment and other technologies, tmall will help more domestic brands go deep into the local market and into the world

"with the help of Internet platforms such as e-commerce, Chinese goods have accelerated the pace of 'going global'." Wang Shuguang believes that Chinese goods should establish a global brand awareness, including excellent quality and innovative connotation, so as to improve the popularity of Chinese brands in the global market. At the same time, we should know ourselves and the enemy, and study the consumption culture of other countries, especially the consumption psychology of overseas young people. When domestic products become popular, how to become an international brand with quality assurance, historical accumulation and humanistic connotation is still worth further thinking in the industry

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