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CRM fought for eight years with three pillars

when the concept of CRM (Customer Relationship Management) was put forward, it became a professional management software. After 50 years of vicissitudes, Internet gave it a new life. 1999 was the beginning of the Internet transition. Many well-known Internet enterprises that are now familiar were born during this period. In the field of CRM, salesforce, a giant owl, began to take off

at that time, CRM was still in a weak period, so many enterprises did not try to combine it with Internet. Only one person, Marc Benioff, who was only 27 years old when he was the senior vice president of Oracle, predicted with keen observation that with the development of Internet and the popularity of broadband, more and more enterprises will get some software services through Internet. So he left Oracle and founded salesforce in 1999 to explore the SaaS business model

it can be said that salesforce is now known as the global leader of CRM, which is well deserved

s he told the reporter that alesforce was the first software enterprise to operate CRM as a mainstream business in 1999, taking CRM, a seemingly auxiliary product, as the lifeblood of its own survival. In North America, salesforce has made remarkable achievements under the attack of Oracle and sap from 1999 to 2004. It can be seen that salesforce has a set of skills

with the Internet service characteristics of salesforce, it has taken a road that no one has gone before, and this road seems to be quite flat. Salesforce has created enough performance to make Oracle and SAP envy at the beginning of its establishment. Also because there is no rival in the Internet CRM service, salesforce has made great progress all the way, and it has been listed on the New York Stock Exchange in just five years

it can be seen that salesforce took the lead in the CRM field, which also laid a good foundation for quickly seizing the markets of Microsoft, Oracle and SAP. In the Internet era, salesforce is the early bird, and its slogan of software terminator has also become a good story

Microsoft giant's sideview

the so-called early bird catches the worm, and the gun strikes the first bird, which is the perfect definition of salesforce. Salesforce rose to fame in North America almost overnight, including Citigroup, Cisco, Burberry, etc., which has become its major customers, which is absolutely unforgivable for Microsoft at that time. How can others sleep on the side of the king? Under the anger of Microsoft, it also completely replaced the original CRM system and launched a version of dynamics CRM to snipe the wanton expansion of salesforce in North America

due to the large number of users bundled with Microsoft's operating system, there are no many obstacles to the promotion of CRM products. In addition, Microsoft's integration of its outlook layout also makes this acceptability and ease of use make users accustomed to using windows get the best experience. It can be said that with the support of major office software, Microsoft's dynamics CRM service has a great impact on salesforce, Dynamics has opened a new channel for Microsoft's enterprise level services

this move of Microsoft is not only a blow to salesforce, but also seems that Oracle and SAP are also suffering from angina pectoris. With the foundation of its own software giants, Microsoft has recently upgraded dynamics again, adding social yammer and Skype to the framework of dynamics, which undoubtedly makes Microsoft CRM more competitive. In today's North American market, CRM is not salesforce alone. The rapid rise of Microsoft also makes salesforce less comfortable

whether the Chinese market has entered the international vision is happy or sad

in 2004, the cake in the Chinese market attracted the dinner of global software enterprises. The mess salesforce, Microsoft, Oracle and SAP fighting in North America and Europe all saw the great temptation of the Chinese market. Of course, due to the low maturity of the Chinese market, which is far from the network conditions of North America and Europe, CRM is also subject to heavy resistance when entering China. There are obstacles from local traditional enterprises internally, and the cost of transnational services is too high and the price advantage of services is lost externally, which once made these international giants face the embarrassment of having a cake

it is also because of this vacuum period that local CRM began to develop. The development of local CRM cannot be separated from the help of traditional CRM. One is that there are reference standards in terms of usage habits and business logic. The other is that traditional CRM is busy dealing with the invasion of foreign products and ideas. Local CRM finally began to grow independently under various coincidences

China's CRM enterprises have changed from making things behind closed doors to accepting foreign ideas. Many CRM enterprises have risen and gone bankrupt in the face of rapid changes. UFIDA and Kingdee, China's established enterprises, have come forward. In addition to some resistance to Microsoft, salesforce, etc. in the area where the enclosure has been completed, they have not formed a sniper against foreign CRM enterprises in terms of products and interconnection ideas

with the invasion of international powerful enterprises and the naivety of local Internet culture, China's CRM market is very depressed, which also makes salesforce, Microsoft, Oracle and other enterprises begin to feel anxious and impatient about China's CRM market. Obviously, they don't want to spend a lot of energy on reclamation, which also makes the localization of traditional CRM and CRM greatly breathe a sigh of relief

localized CRM, xtools is quietly rising

at the same time, localized CRM, new enterprises represented by xtools are rising rapidly. As the first CRM enterprise in China, Xie Yimin, co-founder of xtools, has long paid attention to the development of Internet and has his own unique understanding of the management of small and medium-sized enterprises in China

since the establishment of xtools brand, based on the research on the development of Chinese enterprise market, large private enterprises and central enterprises have been basically monopolized by UFIDA, Kingdee, foreign brands and self-developed simple CRM; However, among the more than 40 million enterprises in China, more than 95% are small and medium-sized enterprises. Xtools' market positioning is small and medium-sized enterprises

the advantage of this positioning is that the cost of traditional CRM is high, and small and medium-sized enterprises are unwilling to bear such a huge expenditure on information technology, which is too risky for small and medium-sized enterprises; The cost of foreign brands such as Microsoft and salesforce is not much lower than that of traditional CRM. These enterprises also do not pay enough attention to Chinese small and medium-sized enterprises, and this concept is not accepted by most enterprises

xtools seized the opportunity to quickly bring products and ideas to the market, and achieved the effect of arousing thousands of waves with one stone. Xtools seems to rise rampantly, but its meticulous business model, characteristic localized CRM products, and accurate market positioning have long doomed xtools crm() to stand up in the CRM war in the future

saas scuffle

in 2006, Chinese CRM enterprises mushroomed. As a leading enterprise in the new era of CRM, xtools began to fight back against salesforce and Microsoft's hegemony to seize the market. This fight back, in the name of SaaS, marked that China's CRM, after several years of gestation, was about to burst into energy

saas is a vision of 50 years ago. Now, once it is realized, the SaaS model led by salesforce has opened up a new business model for CRM. The SaaS model undoubtedly brightens the Chinese CRM market. Many enterprises have tried SaaS' business model compared with two-component waterborne polyurethane adhesive, so that even OA, ERP, financial management and other soft metal materials mainly used in tensile testing machines have been dragged into the water to start a scuffle

in the SaaS scuffle, salesforce and xtools are the most powerful. The two CRM enterprises are comfortable in the SaaS model, because through the development of the original business model, SaaS is only natural for the two companies. Salesforce hit dynamics hard through SaaS, while xtools gained more recognition and support from small and medium-sized enterprises in China through SaaS. Both take what they need, and only Microsoft is submerged in the wave of SaaS

in the cloud war, the CRM pattern is beginning to come to a conclusion

after the baptism of SaaS, many CRM enterprises have gone through the replacement of cutting hair and washing marrow again, leaving truly competitive enterprises. Before these enterprises have a chance to breathe, cloud computing comes one after another, and the big guy hidden behind SaaS filters the remaining enterprises again. As a result, salesforce loomed in the Chinese market this time

salesforce's SaaS strategy won the last laugh in the battle with Microsoft Dynamics, but salesforce, who is extremely happy and sad, seems not to pay much attention to the Chinese market. First, its Chinese site was preempted, resulting in the decline of its brand reputation, and then its cloud strategy was not questioned. Instead, it allowed xtools to go one step further and take the leading position in the Chinese market at one stroke

but salesforce obviously doesn't want to make wedding clothes for others. Relying on its Chinese Shanzhai brand, it wants to win back the city. If this move succeeds, salesforce may get rid of the adverse situation in the cloud. When xtools is actively preparing for salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, which has been dormant in SaaS for a long time, finally attacked. Microsoft, which is poised to make achievements in the cloud, and Oracle and other strong enterprises quickly seize CRM share in the North American market. Salesforce was unprepared, Salesforce was bruised by the situation that there were wolves before and tigers after. Helpless, salesforce could only give up the Chinese market temporarily. The gathering place was prone to electric shock and had the strength to fight Microsoft and Oracle

with the CRM scuffle in recent years, the North American and European markets have been carved up by salesforce, Microsoft and Oracle, while in China, rising stars xtools, salesforce and Microsoft dominate one side. Vaguely, the market pattern has a preliminary outline

in the era of big data, the three strong situation of three pillars

xtools, salesforce and Microsoft has initially taken shape. It seems that all three parties need some recuperation. In this era of big data after cloud computing. The three parties unanimously chose pacifism and moderate competition. In their respective markets, salesforce has chosen the route of social CRM to continue to explore; Xtools has made great efforts in mobile CRM and continuously launched mobile applications; Microsoft acquired yammer and will integrate Skype, etc. in combination with its own windows 8 system, hoping to consolidate its position through the operating system and upgraded dynamics CRM

with the continuous mining of big data gold mines, the advantages of CRM are increasingly showing. In the past, those huge data streams can show their due value through CRM. Whether SNS CRM, mobile CRM, or Microsoft's local and interconnected CRM, they are paving the way for their respective directions. CRM, xtools, salesforce and dynamics have been established

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