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One way caliper cable quality monitoring these dry goods you should know

Abstract: the quality improvement in automatic production is inseparable from the automatic geometric dimension detection. In order to obtain high-quality cable products, one-way caliper expands a variety of functions to realize automatic measurement and control

key words: unidirectional caliper; Cable diameter; Cable caliper

factory production automation may be the key to reduce waste products, improve quality and reduce delivery time. The sensor device that collects workshop level information is very important. As a cable outer diameter testing equipment, unidirectional caliper is used in outer diameter testing and information collection. It is a necessary testing equipment for automatic production

precise monitoring is required in cable production. Extrusion is generally used in cable production to squeeze polymer insulation (such as PVC) onto the conductor. Generally, high-quality cables must be round, smooth and free of eccentricity. The thickness of insulation layer at any position must be within the specified range. Generally speaking, the thicker the cable, the slower the speed

there are three kinds of defects in the factors affecting the extrusion diameter of cables:

(1) random changes caused by changes in production process

(2) periodic changes caused by equipment vibration

(3) long term changes of equipment and process variables (such as temperature)

if any of these factors makes the cable exceed the manufacturing tolerance, this part of the cable will usually be scrapped. Therefore, it is very important to continuously monitor the products in production, so that the possible defects can be observed as soon as possible, and take corrective measures before the cable exceeds the tolerance. This requires equipment that can continuously and accurately measure the cable diameter on the production line. As a mature non-contact testing equipment, the unidirectional caliper has been applied to the cable production line, which is suitable for the stretching, peeling, deformation, tearing, heat sealing, bonding, puncture force, opening force of plastic film, composite materials, adhesives, adhesive tapes, self-adhesive, medical patches, protective films, release papers, backplane materials, rubber, paper fibers and other products Low speed unwinding force and other performance tests are carried out to detect and control the cables in production

automatic diameter measurement of unidirectional caliper may cause the following two aspects:

(1) quality assurance: data about cable diameter can be automatically collected and processed to provide statistical data and quality data

(2) process control: PID closed-loop control system, continuous feedback control, so that the cable can be produced with high quality within the specified size

in terms of external control and quality control strategy, the above purpose can be achieved by using the calculation function of the optical caliper itself. Shore A is easy to use and its hardness is related to the displacement of the indenter By measuring the displacement of the pressing needle

in recent years, the rapid development of processing technology has made a large number of intelligent applications in optical caliper. Their functions now far exceed the display of measurement results, and have developed into a complete measurement system. They can perform a wide range of data processing according to the requirements of users, with the goal of removing polishing damage stratification and feedback control

for the seemingly simple diameter measurement, intelligent detection system, various additional functions of one-way caliper, high-precision measurement of one-way caliper, feedback control function, data storage function, out of tolerance alarm function have been developed, which makes the staff handy and improves the product quality

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