The hottest one-day order exceeded 700 Sany truck

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Order 700 Sany truck cranes in one day, creating a sales miracle

order 700 Sany truck cranes in one day, creating a sales miracle

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Guide: the intention to sign more than 700 orders, and the actual implementation of signing 574 orders. On March 6, at the promotion meeting of the national joint exhibition of cranes, the marketing company used sign in to describe the hot day. This moving 2010, held synchronously in 31 cities across the country, serves the same trade promotion as you, creating a domestic auto

"there are more than 700 intended signings, and 574 actually signed." On March 6, at the promotion meeting of the crane national joint exhibition, the marketing company described the day as hot with "sign in and sign in". The "moving 2010, service with you" promotion held in 31 cities across the country created a sales miracle in the domestic truck crane market

send Ping An to moved customers

at the scene of the national joint exhibition on March 6, watching the video of "Hengshan praying for blessings" on February 8, 2010 is the most emotional for customers all over the country, so it is a link trusted by customers in the car industry who can work in an extremely despicable environment

in the video, accompanied by pious music, Zhu Dan, general manager of Sany crane marketing company, led marketing soldiers to Nanyue Hengshan to pray for the safety of hoisting users across the country. An 82 year old Taoist monk, master Shi shouchi, abbot of Xiba Temple of Nanyue temple Buddhism, recited the Buddhist scriptures personally and led more than 60 disciples to bless the opening light of the safety symbol of Sany truck crane

there is no gift that makes customers feel more precious than the open peace symbol. A customer said, "I have never been moved by a manufacturer in the construction machinery industry like Sany. As a construction party, our work has high-risk characteristics. Sany sincerely prays for us, and we are moved by their piety and intentions."

Sany's sincerity makes customers trust Sany more. Many customers signed on the spot

"marketing needs to go into people's hearts, not simply promote cold products". Zhu Dan sighed at the exhibition

word of mouth highlights brand strength

in the joint exhibition, an order was signed, which is particularly thought-provoking

once, the Yangtze Three Gorges Corporation wanted to purchase a batch of cranes through bidding. Sany truck crane Hubei Branch immediately participated in the bidding after knowing the information. At the beginning, customers always hesitated between foreign brands. But in the end, Sany won the hearts of customers

learned that the reason for the customer to change his mind was actually the "Trinity story" told by his son

it was an accidental family chat. The son of a purchasing director of the Yangtze River Three Gorges Corporation returned from studying in Germany. When he was reunited with his family, he talked about the construction machinery industry in Germany. While introducing the situation in Germany in detail, he proudly mentioned the reports of German media on Chinese construction machinery. Among them, he particularly mentioned the relevant reports of German media on Sany truck crane

the person in charge felt very surprised at that time, and immediately asked his son, "in Germany, the best in the field of construction machinery, 6. When the temperature is close to the set temperature for the tensile control experiment of non vulcanized sheets, how can we attach so much importance to Sany truck crane?" After his son described in detail the reports of German media on Sany truck crane, he made a decision to purchase Sany products

good reputation is built on high-quality brands. In the joint exhibition activities, 3000 ton cranes showed the brand effect and became an important factor to promote the signing of customers

China's first 1000 ton all terrain truck crane went offline in Sany, which made people realize that Sany broke the technological monopoly of international famous brands in the field of China's super large tonnage cranes. This "made in China" ability and confidence makes customers truly feel the power of national brands

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