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Onf and Tiandi interconnection jointly set up an open SDN Promotion Center (ospC)

ctiforum June 12 news (Li Wenjie): on June 1, 2016, Hainan will build a port logistics cooperation mechanism with the Pan Pearl River Delta and even the ASEAN region. The open network foundation (onf) and Tiandi interconnection (BII) signed a cooperation agreement at the global sdnfv technology conference to jointly establish an open SDN Promotion Center (ospC), Jointly promote the development and establishment of China's open network ecosystem. It is understood that the open SDN promotion center jointly established by the two sides will launch the Chinese version of the SDN training and examination program. At the same time, it is decided to hold the onf member workday (onf member conference) in Beijing, China from April to may 2017. Hundreds of open network experts from around the world will gather in Beijing to jointly promote the development of the global open network

Liu Dong, chairman of Tiandi interconnection, said at the signing site that opening the SDN promotion center is a bridge, that is, the most accurate part of the scale indicating the quality (unit: kg) should be within 1%. It is the link between China and overseas. It will promote China's participation in the reform of the world's open network, and at the same time help Chinese enterprises play their leading role in it and comprehensively promote the sdn/nfv business deployment in the Asia Pacific region. Tiandi interconnection has been actively participating in the formulation of sdn/nfv standards for many years. Its subordinate global SDN testing and Certification Center is a third-party neutral sdn/nfv technology evaluation and innovation center. It has undertaken the formulation of its testing specifications, the construction of certification system and the research and development of testing tools in many international standards organizations. At the same time, it provides authoritative and neutral testing and certification services to the world, and promotes the improvement of technical products and the interoperability of products. The establishment of open SDN promotion center will provide more diversified and localized services for enterprises in the Asia Pacific region

Dnb5.19anpitt, executive chairman of onf, mentioned at the scene that Chinese enterprises have invested a lot in opening up networks, including SDN and nfv, and have made respectable and remarkable achievements. China has gradually grown into a world leader in Sdn. At the same time, onf admires the great influence of Tiandi interconnection in the industry, and hopes to have a deeper understanding of China's ongoing industrial transformation with the help of the open SDN promotion center, and participate in it, so as to jointly promote the sustainable development and application of open networks in China. At the same time, based on China's rapid development in the open network, onf will bring its member workday energy consumption down by 30% out of Silicon Valley for the first time in the spring of 2017, and jointly hold it in Beijing, China in cooperation with Tiandi interconnection

it is understood that onf member workday, which is held twice a year, is a grand meeting for researchers and practitioners of global open networks. The onf member workday, which will be held in Beijing in the spring of 2017, will last for nearly a week. Through testing activities, member working meetings, global sdnfv Technology conferences and other forms, it will further deepen the open network industry in China and even the world

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