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Qingdao adjusts the structure of chemical industry to be the main force again

Qingdao adjusts the structure of chemical industry to be the main force again

March 12, 2003

Qingdao's industrial structure adjustment plan from 2003 to 2005 has been determined recently. In the next three years, the four major products of

including petrochemical industry will be stronger, and the six advantageous industries including chemical industry and rubber will be promoted

the plan proposes that 10billion yuan will be invested in three years, and 10million tons of refined and refined oil products will be prepared in 2005 to promote the transfer and withdrawal of Beijing Tianjin Hebei chemical production enterprises, 3

million tons of asphalt, 50000 tons of methyl methacrylate (MMA), 100000 tons of epoxy resin, 6.6 million tons of bisphenol,

abs30 million tons, and 370000 tons of bottle grade polyester, Check whether the CPU frequency (11.0592Mhz) and the comparison voltage are stable or drift? If there is a problem of faulty welding, the investment will reach 15billion yuan. Build a large oil refining project with an annual production capacity of 10million

tons, actively develop various refined and high value-added oil products, reach a capacity of 10million tons in 2005, and actively develop upstream products of oil refining such as refining catalysts. Build Qingdao petrochemical base, actively cooperate with large companies at home and abroad, develop ethylene downstream products such as polyethylene, ethylene glycol and EVA, develop propylene downstream products such as MMA, acrylic acid, acetone, phenol, bisphenol A and epoxy resin, and develop aromatic downstream products such as ABS, styrene, purified terephthalic acid, bottle grade polyester and phthalic anhydride. Seize the opportunity of infrastructure construction in the western development of the country, and focus on the development of high-quality heavy traffic roads. The plan puts forward clear ideas and goals for improving the rubber industry: invest 3 billion yuan in three years, and focus on the construction of projects such as radial tire structural adjustment. In 2005, the sales revenue of chemical rubber industry research and establishment of marine special supervision area reached 28billion yuan, with an average annual growth of 20%. Focus on the development of tires, adjust the structure of tape and hose products as soon as possible, and improve the technical level; Develop latex products with high added value; Develop and apply radial tires with low rolling resistance, safety, skid resistance, super durability and high performance; Focus on developing all steel

truck radial tires and semi steel car radial tires; Actively develop rubber machinery equipment and testing instruments for radial tires, as well as upstream products such as

cord, carbon black and steel cord, and do a good job in the planning and construction of Huanghai Rubber Industrial Park and Shuangxing tire industrial park. In 2005, the number of radial tires reached 7million, and the domestic market share reached 18%

in addition, the development priorities of basic chemical industry and fine chemical industry are also clearly listed in the plan

it is understood that Qingdao kailian group, Huanghai rubber group, Shuangxing group, petrochemical plant, Red Star Chemical Group

and so on have been selected as Qingdao's top ten enterprise groups, top ten enterprises, and top ten (high-tech) enterprises respectively. These

enterprises will be the backbone of Qingdao to achieve the goal of industrial restructuring

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