Qingdao heavy industry takes measures to improve p

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Qingdao heavy industry takes measures to improve product quality

Qingdao heavy industry takes measures to improve product quality

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Guide: Recently, Qingdao heavy industry solidly promoted the annual activity of improving quality and efficiency, and took effective measures to improve product quality. In view of the weak quality awareness and quality awareness of some leading cadres, the measures they have taken are: clearly add clauses in the 2013 mission statement: 1. All departments

recently, Qingdao heavy industry has solidly promoted the activity of "quality and benefit improvement year", and taken effective measures to improve product quality

in view of the weak quality awareness and high-quality awareness of some leading cadres, they took the following measures: clearly add provisions in the 2013 assignment: 1. After the decomposition of each department, the net value of external failure costs caused by the Department's reasons will be deducted from the annual salary of department leaders according to a certain proportion. 2. Every year, the department leaders with the worst quality awareness will be subject to administrative punishment, including demotion, use of electronic steel wire rope universal tensile strength tester, matters that need to be checked, and the force testing machine is a high-precision, high-tech material testing equipment and dismissal. Through the above measures, ensure that the department leaders can effectively supervise and urge the personnel after the completion of all experiments in the Department to improve quality awareness, pay attention to quality, pay attention to quality, and think more about how to pass the requirements and pressure to all employees in combination with the quality gate, the last elimination of welding quality and the quality person accountability system

in view of the phenomenon that some quality problems are always pending, and the rectification is not solid and in place, the quality department of Qingdao heavy industry issued the "quality reward management measures", which provides individual rewards for quality research, encourages all kinds of personnel to expose and solve the stubborn quality problems around by giving full play to the strength of the masses. If the key project is verified to be qualified by the quality department, the key team will be rewarded and named, and the key content will be solidified into the process documents and inspection documents

in view of the problem that a large number of scattered quality data cannot be systematically used and refined, Qingdao heavy industry will implement the MES system next year, which will greatly reduce the workload of quality statistics, improve the efficiency of quality statistics, and improve the management level of vehicle files, inspection results, warehousing and logistics

they also included key quality improvement projects in the annual mission statement

in order to prevent the inspectors from inspecting by experience, they further improved the inspection items, methods and requirements, and established the inspection rules, forms and traceability mechanism. Combine the vehicle, process and after-sales quality, and implement 100% of the outstanding problems

they also assigned the incoming inspection function to the quality department of the company in combination with the staffing work. (2) the interface circuit is a standard interface board used to complete the conversion and signal transmission management, and the incoming inspectors are reasonably divided into warehouses to implement fixed-point inspection. Through adjustment, we can further improve the efficiency and effect of incoming inspection and block the entrance

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