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Qingdao carries out quality inspection and rectifies the deformation and looseness of glass plates within a time limit

glass can be filled with thin mold curtain walls, which adds luster to the building and makes the city look more "modern"; Accordingly, they should also receive regular "health examination" and "symptomatic treatment" as a reply. 21. Effective experimental width of the experimental machine: 395mm. Yesterday, Qingdao issued a notice requiring relevant units to immediately carry out a thorough survey and quality and safety inspection of building glass curtain walls to ensure the safety of glass curtain walls under construction or existing buildings

it is stipulated that glass curtain walls are limited to seven types of buildings in the industry.

glass curtain walls have been widely used in the external decoration of large and high-rise buildings in China, such as shopping malls, office buildings, hotels, airports, stations and so on, since the 1980s because of their beauty, light weight, good lighting, high degree of standardization and industrialization. In recent years, the accidental damage and injury caused by the self explosion or falling off of curtain wall glass in some cities have aroused social concern. The reasons for these safety hazards are not only the technical defects and material defects of early glass curtain wall engineering, but also the insufficient attention to the safety protection of specific environments and buildings such as dense personnel and high mobility, and the inadequate implementation of glass curtain wall maintenance and management. To this end, the national and provincial housing and construction departments have issued a notice this year, requiring the strengthening of safety protection measures for glass curtain walls

according to the requirements, the new glass curtain wall should comprehensively consider the urban landscape, surrounding environment, building nature and use function and other factors. Glass curtain walls shall not be used on the second floor or above in seven types of buildings, such as new residential buildings, office buildings of Party and government organs, outpatient and emergency buildings and ward buildings of hospitals, primary and secondary schools, nurseries, kindergartens, and buildings for the elderly. In addition, it is strictly forbidden to use full hidden frame glass curtain walls in densely populated and mobile business centers, transportation hubs, public cultural and sports facilities and other places, as well as buildings close to roads, squares and lower buildings with entrances and exits and personnel passages

require all census and filing before the end of September

according to the unified requirements of the province, before the end of September this year, in the process of industrialized, modular and intensive product development, the city should census and file all existing and under construction glass curtain wall projects within its jurisdiction, and basically complete the construction of existing curtain wall information database by the end of the year, so as to provide technical support for the supervision of existing building curtain walls in the province. In the future, after the completion and acceptance of all building curtain wall projects, the relevant filing materials shall be reported in time within 1 month

in this regard, Qingdao requires all existing building glass curtain wall projects to conduct a comprehensive self-examination, establish safety maintenance files, identify and publicize the safety maintainers, and the construction unit (or general construction contractor) will report the "existing building curtain wall project information form", self-examination and maintenance to the local construction administrative department before September 10. According to the self inspection of glass curtain walls, relevant departments will also conduct spot checks on the glass curtain walls of existing buildings. Before September 20, the owner (user) and the construction, construction, supervision, subcontracting and design units of the glass curtain wall that does not meet the current national standards and specifications shall complete the rectification in time. Those who fail to conduct self-examination or make rectification as required will be seriously dealt with according to relevant regulations. Those who conceal the problems found and resort to fraud shall be investigated and dealt with seriously according to law

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